A Year of Extraordinary Learning Activity at Narayana Group of Schools

Jay Robotix & Narayana Group of Schools have embarked a journey of 5 year road map to set up opportunities for practical learning at their schools across the country. The initiative started with 16 schools in 2018 and grown to 38 schools in the second Year and coming to the closure of the activity for the year.

Each Student of the participated school has got an opportunity to try their hands on use coding techniques and build projects which stay relevant in the modern technology society. The Projects student learnt, built, understood all through a practical route of learning will spark a thought process of doing substantial work in their future.

The most important aspect of the initiative is Students are now becoming aware of what their interests and are empowered to genuinely plan of career growth. The initiative is a very powerful, focused on streamlined operations and give an opportunity for the students to exhibit their building skills in systematic manner.

A detailed well structured program has been executed in 38 schools in the schools across INDIA,  and the program will be closed for the year in March 2020. The Closures activities as well are planned in a very methodological approach where in the students are provided with quizzes/competitions and a Certificate distribution for each students based on the program level. The Certifications open a new world to the students who participated in the program:

ROBOX Standard of Certification:

Here are few of the snippets:

Certification Standard: 

a.       ROBOX White Belt Certification (Year 1 of the Program – Basic Level)

b.       ROBOX Yellow Belt Certification (Year 2 of the Program – Medium Level)

c.       ROBOX Green Belt Certification (Year 3 of the program – High Level): From this Certification, Students can participate in Global Competitions/internships etc.,

d.      ROBOX Black Belt Certification (Year 4 of the program – Advanced Level): From this Certification, Students can participate in Global Competitions/internships/Scholarships/Develop Projects and incubate them.

e.       ROBOX Master Black Belt Certification (Year 5 of the Program – JR will help and support students to undergo Foreign Internships/guide them on career/Scholarships for the same)

Please check out of few of the Cool pictures and Videos of Students involved in the learning process:

Strategies To Keep Students Engaged In STEM

-By Geeta Arora

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning is not just a conceptual study of these four subjects, but also it is a research-based study of these four subjects and its subsidiary. It’s project-based learning which provides a hands-on opportunity for students to think and apply the conceptual learning in real life. It also helps in enhancing the soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration; which helps in preparing kids for success in every aspect of life.  So, it is very important for STEM teachers to stay enthusiastic, passionate and motivated.

Here are few tips to keep your STEM class lively and interesting

Planning And Preparation Before Each Class:

“Plan How You Are Going to Teach and Teach How You Plan” is the key for effective teaching in STEM classes. Being a STEM Teacher, I consider every class as a new class. So, before going to each class, I like to give enough time to prepare my sessions to make my class lively and interesting. Planning includes choosing the topic, Ways how I can relate it with STEM subjects through live examples, preparing questions, games, and tasks to keep the students engaged and preparing resources (Models, PPT and Videos) to make students feel excited.

Teaching Using Live Examples:

Have we ever thought of how a child learns how to eat? How to speak? How to walk?  Because of observing the people around them. In STEM class also, we can make students observe the environment around them by giving them live examples related to STEM concepts and by relating these concepts with real-life applications. E.g. If we are using Motors in our project, we can relate it with the appliances in which we are using motors in our daily life. When the students are able to connect what they have learned with real-time use, they start thinking creatively and become curious to learn more.


Picture 1: Students at Literacy India, Gurugram are enjoying an interactive Robox introductory session.

Involving students while teaching, by making them move also helps to keep the class lively and interesting.

Ask Before You Tell:

Two Way Communication is the most effective key to keep the students involved and excited throughout the class. We can have a discussion about the project, what we are going to do in that class? How? It creates curiosity and excitement in the class. It helps students in enhancing their communication skills, creative thinking, presentation skills, and self-confidence. Also, it helps us in getting feedback about their understanding of the concept.


Picture 2: Student at Narayana E-techno School, South city II are watching a Robox Mechanism video and seem to be very excited to build their own.

Using Videos/PPT/Art  In the Classroom:

It is better to use videos/PPT/PDF In place of old traditional teaching.


Picture 3: Students at Narayana E-techno School, Sec -37c are engaged in watching a Robox learning tutorial.

Telling the stories of people, who are successful in STEM-related fields and introducing them through videos is one of the best ways to create excitement and interest among students. Also using art, by asking students to draw a sketch of the project also creates fun in the class.


Each student is blessed with different Strength, Weakness and Talents. By grouping them in team they learn the need for collaborations, communication, sharing ideas, leadership qualities.


Picture 4: Students at Narayana E- techno school, MG Road are working in a team to prepare a mechanism during summer camp.

E.g. every STEM project consists of many different types of tasks, steps, Hardware, coding. By dividing students into teams, they learn task management and time management by dividing the tasks among themselves.  They also learn to apply different approaches to solve the problem.


Organizing Classroom quizzes, as well as interclass competitions, are also an effective way to give feedback to students about what they have learned. It helps in building motivation and enthusiasm among students.


Picture 5: Team Aditi of 7th class from Narayana E-techno school, south city II celebrates after winning Robox inter-class quiz competition – 2018.

Apart from these strategies, we can learn more from our classroom experiences, colleagues and online resources.  Every class is a new experience for STEM teachers. So, keep your mind open to new ideas.

Updates: KIET Hackathon : Tremendous Response from Students

RCEL Hackathon has received tremendous response from KIET Student community. More than the double the number of nominations have been received to participate in this competition. The Selection Process will be completed soon and students will be taken into Technical Workshop.

Sep 20 – A Pre- Workshop will be conducted to consolidate the problem statements and resources they should be using the RCEL Center at KIET.

JR Team wishes all the best to all the participants for RCEL Hackathon 2018.

Hackathon Competition Poster final.jpg



On the Eve of Engineers Day, at RCEL, KIET, KAKINADA, a new initiative is being announced for the students to showcase their practical industrial working knowledge. The initiative is called ‘RCEL HACKATHON 2018’. The initiative is to Design | Build | Deploy challenge solving a problem students see around them in their daily life. The Students will be given access to all the equipment’s and guidance in the center by the experts for the next 2 weeks and the showcase happens on Sep 28 2018.

Coming to the history of RCEL, Kakinada Institute of Engineering & Technology(KIET) has launched first ever  advanced Robotics Center for Enhanced Learning ( RCEL) in INDIA, for cutting edge learning, training, innovation and research in Oct 2016. The RCEL is now open to more than 5000 Students undergoing various industry related programs/certificate programs.

Launching Hackathon_2018

RCEL has now became a State of the Art Center at KIET for all the graduate students pursuing their courses at KIET. Especially, The final year graduate Students passing various schools of engineering disciplines at KIET use RCEL for their final year Projects. KIET Leadership is based on strong fundamentals of making the education more practical and instrumental in enhancing the culture of making, and is bent towards encouraging the students to innovate and produce products through their final year Projects.

Leadership at KIET, provided by its Chairman, Shri. Pothula Viswam, is always inclined to design systems which are self sustainable and goal oriented and beginning to bring in revolutionary changes in the thought process of the students and faculties. Students are encouraged to come up with innovative Ideas and initiatives, which are further being taken to the next step in partnership with technology firms. Even there are plans for the students where in KIET financially supports innovative groups and teams.

At RCEL, there is a new Industrial Training Program that has been launched with 8 Industrial Days per Semester for each and every Student every semester. Each Student will be provided with industrial orientation and finally make a project at the end of the Semester. The industrial courses are designed and executed by the Global STEM Education Leader, Jay Robotix Learning INDIA.

As a Tribute to INDIA’s most gifted Engineer Shri. M. Visweshwaraiah, KIET and JRLI are coming together to announce this Robotics, IoT & Coding related Hackathon to Students of School of ECE at KIET. The theme of the Hackathon is aligned with National Mission of Govt. of INDIA, ‘SWACCH BHARAT’. Students are required to come up with Innovative Solutions which can unleash the imagination, thinking process and product development skills/ capabilities among the students to solve the challenges they see around.


A Landmark STEM Education initiative -By JAY ROBOTIX & NARAYANA Group of Schools

Last month, August 2018, stands out in the journey of Jay Robotix to emerge as World’s most innovative product designer for STEM education products. Jay Robotix has tied up with Narayana Group of Schools in INDIA, for deploying ‘ROBOX based STEM Education’ which is based on core principles of practical and hands on learning and teaching methodologies for the next generation of students.

Launch Post Poster.jpg

Narayana Group of Schools, One of the Asia’s largest Educational group with more than 4 Lakh students, has introduced Robotics and STEM related programs in their micro schedule. It is the visionary initiative by the think tank of Narayana group to empower students with high quality cutting edge educational methodologies, at the same time to provide a stress free and enjoyable environment at the schools.

Jay Robotix Learning Singapore and Narayana Educational Group have come together to make this landmark initiative a reality. The initiative is targeted to provide a platform to inculcate practical & stress free learning to the students. Students are  encouraged to innovate, think, design, develop prototypes and learn by doing than examination oriented and old learning techniques in the classrooms right from the school age. STEM Methodology driving this initiative is deeply rooted in making the student absorb the concepts they learn in the academic classes and help them and their parents to identify the areas of interests/strengths as they grow in the school itself.

The initiative is already started in the schools present in  5 cities, Delhi/Bangalore/Kolkata/Chennai/Mumbai & Hyderabad across INDIA. The vision behind this initiative is based on the 5 year road map, which will eventually convert each school into a technology center integrating various domains of career for the students, by 2023.

The vision of the program is to establish a fun loving, joyful & vibrant atmosphere in the classes and bring out the innovative skills in the young students. ROBOX is well supported by a detailed (VI – X) yearlong curriculum, lesson plans, video tutorials, a 3D video game like animation driven programming simulator & software, assessment worksheets for the students to work on. Students will be subjected to a unique way of learning as part of this program.

With this initiative a student will learn the concepts from the Scratch in a practical & experiential approach. Student will be provided with enough activities where he/she learns & master Programming Skills, work in teams, enhance communication skills, acquire leadership & organizational skills round the year. Schools also can have significant advantages in reaching the vision of making next generation smarter through these initiatives. Occasional robotics quizzes/competitions/fairs will be conducted in the schools which rise to the energetic and upbeat atmosphere in the schools. The entire program can be executed in a very simple & feasible deployment models which are readily suitable for the schools.

The program will impact each and every student individually and build a more informed mindset for the parents/teachers on what his/her child is more focused or interested about. The Program is targeted to gradually bring in more than 4 lakh+ students with each & every student provided with 5 year road map, personalized feedback reports/workbooks/content as they do the program. Every Year, there students will be preparing themselves to participate in various global tech events and trained to innovate and contribute to the knowledge economy at very early stage.

By Far, this is the biggest ever initiative in the ROBOX based STEM Education in Asia’s Educational programs impacting more than 4 lacs+ student as we move into future.



Fundamentally, feedback is a good thing, but appreciation is beyond everything. Students of Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Aligarh have expressed their appreciation in the form of articles on implementation of Robox lab at their school, in their own words.




Our Robotics class is that class which has helped us to know the difference between computers and robots, difference between robot, robotics, Robox and STEM. This class has helped us to implement our ideas in real form. My robotics classes experience says that in this class we get to know about certain things which we were not knowing earlier. All our instructors were qualified, well behaved and they all were having a vast knowledge about robotics. Earlier when we were not knowing anything about robotics and Robox, we think that we will try to make the robots when we are grown up, but this was like a dream. Later on, when this class makes up about Robox, then we started to implement our ideas by making many robots. STEM four basic elements to design a robot was a very essential part to design make program the robot. The Roboguru software, is the software which helps us to write programs to make the robot work was a very good software which has helped us to code robot in stage ofbeginners. When we felt about robotics training in our school then we were very excited, joyful and surprised. We love to come to this class.




Robotics…My favorite class of the week. I had never learnt such a mind boggling and interesting activity in my life. My experience in robotics classes was such that I can’t describe in words, instead it needs experience to understand. Our robotics classes held every Wednesday for 2 hours. Every time, before attending the classes, I used to be very curious about what new things, shall I learn. Every time our teachers come up with new and interesting topics like power transmission, reduction gear,etc., During the classes, we became familiar with the Robox kit. Assembling the parts and making new things as reallyreally enjoyable. For robotics we need to understand STEM curriculum on which it is based [STEM is Science Technology Engineering Mathematics].There are three steps for making a robot with Robox kit- 1. Assembling 2. Programming 3. Configuration. Assembling was really very easy and enjoyable. Now comes programming,for beginners programming is not so difficult as they think. For programming we need to understand computers programming languages. Once you understand the programming languages(conditions, declaringvariables,etc.,), programing for Robox is all the way easy. Programmingis done in a software known as Roboguru. In Roboguru there are many levels ranging from 1 to 10. There is practice arena (for practicing) and customarena (for making our own designs and running the robot in it) too. Programming is all easy, only you need to use your brain. When we have completed all three steps with accuracy, then your robot is all ready to run. During robotics classes, I gained a lot of knowledgeabout friction, force, torque, power, energy, energy conversion, etc., Robox introduces an individual to the world of robotics through fun loving, exciting and learningexperience. According to me, my definition for robotics- “The set of educational activities that support and strengthen specific areas of knowledge”. A robot can be defined as- “Forced Labor”. Robox was very helpful in implementing the imagination into reality. Jay Robotix Team and my teachers were very helpful in making me understand each and every aspect of a robot. So, at last I want to summarize my experience in a few words “Helpful, Enjoyable, Fun Loving, Interesting, Mind Boggling”.




“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”. –  SIR ARTHUR C CLARKE

In the recent years the mushrooming power of the computers has changed the pace of technology’s advancement. Decades before computers and technology seemed to be like aliens, but its advancements have made humans more creative. Such one example in the field of advanced technology is ROBOTICS. The introduction of this technology in our school had created a spark of curiosity in our minds. What would it be like creeping our own robot? This was the question, which could not be answered but only experienced. Thus, was full of excitement and curiosity in our minds when we attended our first class in robotics which facilitated us to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes for the design, analysis, application and operation of robots. It has been a thrilling experience to see robots move around us. But it has always been more that we had thought.ROBOX program has helped me discover the technology better as it is more than just self-driving cars. It has given a spark to the innovative minds which otherwise might have remained dormant. This program has made our understanding of the STEM subjects better. The importance of these subjects has often been quoted by many great minds.

According to KATHERINE JOHNSON– “we will always have STEM with us somethings will drop out of the public eye and go away but there will always be Science, Technology, Engineering and there will always be Mathematics”.

Working as a robotics student has enhanced my logical skill, which has opened the possibilities of doing more, that is, always thinking in a different way. The ROBOGURU program has also developed my coding skills.Earlier, programmingwas like a nightmareto me. I had never thought that it could be so easy to code a robot and make it move at your will. It has improved my logical and analytical skills. I have learned how just by aclick and arrangement of a few tags in a logical order, things can move. After a robot is constructed, a computer program is attached to bring it to life. Moving backward and forward is easy. More advance is its interaction with sensors which simulates the ability to see obstacles etc., I feel the sky is a limit when it comes to making a program. Thus, robotics as a subject has provided wings to my imagination and creativity. The more I explore the more curiosity I become.I feel technology is like a vast ocean every time you plunge into it you explore something new.




My experience at robotics class had been amazing throughout. I felt while attending these classes were not only a medium of enjoyment but also a knowledgeable field. Robox i.e., the association has encouraged students like us to make ourselves believe that we can do the project given to us by our school, firstly we thought that it would be a tough challenge for us but as from last few sessions of these classes while completing level stages we learnt different coding it became easier for us with the help of our supportive teachers and books issued for us we took ideas from there and tried to renovate it and make it much more attractive. STEM [i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] was introduced to us during these classes it has been of great help. As we were new with this subject as beginners we were afraid that it would be tough for us to even handle it but after spending some time in these classes that Robox kit and its components are so friendly and so easy to use which gives a courage!!




  1. Students articles link https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/18O4cbipocGnJhFFvxFgcxp-5Godaal3a



Project Management GAME Workshop Based on Robotics


Exactly, The same question occurred to you now, has lingered in the minds of audience in the class happened at the Lush Green Campus of CA Hyderabad on Feb 27, 2018.

What is Project Management to do with Robotics ? Why Robotics and What is the game all about?

This is about a unique workshop that has been designed to simulate real time project scenarios on a project based on a robotics platform called ‘ROBOX’. Any Project and management around it is balancing between the key parameters of Time, Money and resources. This Workshop exactly creates situations which enables a very tight line for the Project Mangers to achieve their goals with Fun-loving and goal oriented tasks.

The workshop started with a formal introduction of the trainers and audience, the Audience is a right mix of project managers with over 2 decades experience and fresher/interns and mid level managers. The audience is divided into groups with a fun activity to name themselves and select a Project Manager, THE BOSS of the day for each group, amid debates of who and why of it.

Once the PM is selected, he is given a budget and all the groups are provided with a technical project based on robotics to be executed. In this case the project is to build a moving robot, which keeps moving on the table and doesn’t fall off edge – Interesting? Yes it is.

A Client requirement/other resources required are provided to each group all through the workshop, the groups are subjected to tricky phases of Project Scope/ Project Cost Estimations/Budgeting/Execution/Monitoring/Demonstration and Restrospective Phases. Also, the PM is assigned with the job to keep an eye on increasing costs, controlling the budget and managing the resources to finally execute the project a per customer need.

The Workshop involves right limitations, tricky tough and fun situations to the team, which is a race against time, with tight line of money and resources. The teams realize the importance of investing right, investing early, Focus on planning, executing the plan, risk mitigating and various other traits of Project Management.

The Unique Workshop has been designed exclusively for corporates by Mohan Krishna, COO, Director, JR and supported by Sourav, Research Associate at JR and Dr. Reshma, a PhD. in Molecular genetics and works in Psychiatry. The Workshop can further be split addressing each and every phase of a Project Management and make it enormous learning experience of young and senior managers.

Few of the Words from the Associates of CA:

Raja Gopal: Project Manager, CA: The Workshop is engaging and entertaining, with a constant pain in mind of the resources flowing out of the pocket. Exhilarating experience.

Sona, IT Associate, CA: Very Nice WOrkshop, Fantastic Trainers and Great Team. Brilliant Idea of using Robotics as a tool.

Kiran, Manager, CA: Very Nice Idea, Wished a complex Project, Thanks for such initiatives by CA GArage.

Gopal, Project Manager: This is very engaging experience. I invested at right time for tech support during the Project, and achieve the result, I see the value of saving resources and also spending resources for the right needs. Brilliant portrayal of real scenarios in such a short duration.


ROBOX Helps in Choosing Area of Interest- For Students and Parents

STEM education is one of the top priorities and identified fuelling the three priority areas:

  • Increasing STEM literacy so that all students can think critically
  • Improving the quality of math and science teaching
  • Expanding STEM education and career opportunities for all students

Robotics has a big role to play in the achievement of these objectives as it is the most interdisciplinary of STEM endeavors. A mechanical engineer designs the robot’s structure; electrical engineers design the robots control electronics, signal conditioning etc; electro-mechanical engineers may work on its sensors; computer engineers will design the robot’s computing hardware, and software engineers will do the programming of the robot down to the tiniest detail. Students opting for humanities can also benefit from robotics, as its concepts and its applications are used in almost every field.

Robotics is such a broad field that you could study any discipline and end up working with robots. There are robots in art, music, toys, space, military and entertainment- you name any field and you’ll find some connect with robotics. Once the base has been built the students can take the direction and the subjects that interest them. By following this progression the students can arrive at an answer to the universal question posed to all children –“What do you want to do when you grow up?”  

ROBOX is the learning package by Jay Robotix which includes RoboGuru, RoboBrain, Building Blocks and an Activity Book. The Activity Book includes a wide range of experiments which stimulate young learners to understand a variety of concepts of science, math and engineering in an exciting and practical way, incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach. Building Blocks helps the students to perform the experiments in the activity book and build the basic machines. They are used in conjunction with each other to allow students to experience the laws of nature, science and math that are all around us and affect everything we do. RoboGuru and RoboBrain introduce the students to ‘programming’ with the help of which intelligence can be added to the machines they build.

As we can see, ROBOX as a whole package introduces the students to a wide range of subjects- and they automatically veer towards the one where their aptitude and area of interest lies. Since robotics is not a structured subject therefore the flexibility quotient is very high. There are no strict ‘dos and don’ts’ and no strictly defined ways to solve a problem. Each student is free to tackle the problem in his own way as long as a solution is found. This interests the kids and hones their innovative capability.

Thus slowly as the activities progress, the teachers, the parents and the students themselves can see what interests each child and what he is good at. The earlier this process begins, the better it is, as it helps clarify the thought process and points a guiding finger to both students and parents.

ROBOX programs are already playing a Key role in more than 400+ schools impacting more than 200,000 students realizing their area of interests. Also, as the academic year is closing in, All ROBOX schools are now buzz with lot of activity/competitions and exhibitions of the students innovations. Stay Tuned for interesting Videos, news and Pictures.

Happy ROBOX Learning!!


Grand Opening of the Bahrain Chapter

With a valuable partnership with Talia Global Solutions WLL, Bahrain; JR Singapore has made a niche in the grand launch of ROBOX.  ROBOX is a practical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) tool, where-in it creates vibrant ambience for the students to learn the STEM concepts in a practical way. Talia is one of our newest RSP (ROBOX STEM Learning Partner) in Bahrain, who would have a Robotics Centre for effective implementation of STEM learning.

The Grand Launch of Partnership certificate unveiling ceremony was held at “The Kay Hotel” Bahrain, on 12th Nov 2017. The ceremony was attended by around 25 reputed Schools’ Principals and Directors  in Bahrain, of which few of them are  – The Indian School, New Millenium School, New Horizon School, Alnoor International School, Ibn Al Hytham Islamic School etc.

Capture.PNGCertificate Unveiling Picture – From Left Mr. Mohan (Director-Talia), Mr.Sudipta (Manager JR Strategic Alliances), Mr. Abraham (Director- Talia), Mr. Soman Baby (Chairman Talia and Notable Journalist)

With the advent of ROBOX in Bahrain; students, parents and academicians can engross, imbibe and grasp the knowledge of practical learning of STEM concepts in a step-by-step process. Further it would create a deep interest among the student populace to hone their skills, to decide on their careers and set-up a track for themselves in the future.

ROBOX learning is one of the latest developments in the field of STEM learning for practical education that is activity based, interactive based and decisive based. It involves the designing of a Robot mechanism, Calibration of mechanism by programming code and Realization of mechanism by execution. Definitely, the entry of ROBOX in Bahrain is indeed the new chapter for STEM education.

Capture1.PNGGroup PicPrincipals & Directors of Reputed Schools in Bahrain.

Every school is unique!

Every school is unique! It could be the sports teams, special programs, faith-based instruction, or unique approach to classroom learning. It is the “brand” of the school and the reason that parents may recognize it as a place to send their children.

I believe teaching is a form of customer service in which the teacher creates a learning environment that motivates the students to learn and supports them in the learning process. Instead of focusing on a particular teaching technique, the teacher should utilize whatever tools that stimulate the maximum learning in the students.

One of the biggest reasons that in-classroom robots promote learning and creativity is because children see technology as fundamentally “human.” In their answers, children describe their robot as reassuring and supportive – a version 2.0 of a parent or friend – offering up endless patience, encouragement and self-direction. Moreover, most kids thought their robots demonstrated qualities that they would like to emulate.

However, in their stories, the kids also imagined 
robots as better versions of their parents and teachers, 
willing to take on mundane tasks so that the child 
could focus on higher-level pursuits.”

JAY ROBOTIX has fulfilled the desire of learning STEM Robotics Education in our school. The lesson plans that come with specific learning outcomes, their exhaustive manuals and the training for smooth execution and implementation of the program are part of JayRobotix’s support and also, the curriculum help students to enter the next level of education and can be easily integrated into the school system.

ROBOGURU Coding Challenge (RGCC) yet another initiative by them, is really an innovative model and very good platform for children to represent their skill at international level.

Acharya World School is a 2 year old upcoming school with promising outlook. By implementing ROBOX STEM learning in our academics we have experienced good improvement in STEM knowledge, curiosity and interest in students.

Mrs. ChitraMadhsudan

Principal, Acharya World School

Ramnagaram, Karnataka